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Use the Correct Switch Port O-Ring

 Here's a simple tip for anyone who's ever installed an accumulator.
Under that cycling clutch switch sits a little O-ring.  You figure the O-ring that comes with that new accumulator must be the right one.  You're not even concerned.  After all, the people that built the part surely know what size O-ring to stuff in the box, right? 

 Ha, ha, ha...

I don't actually know who's to blame or what's going on, but, somewhere along the line somebody is packing the wrong O-rings with many accumulators.  In some cases they expect you to stretch a number six, which will leak, and other times they assume that the number eight will shink to fit.  Maybe they predict the switch port will swell while in transit.   Not likely!

To be safe, stock up on switch port O-rings and keep them marked as such.

Visitor Comments
  1. Comment #1 (Posted by jay)
    I had this same problem with an oversized O ring attached to the accumulator I bought from you for a 96 GMC pickup. It would not seal which resulted in a slight loss of vacuum during testing. I had to get the correct O ring from a local GM dealer.
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