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Control Head Problems In 1995 through 1999 Chevy-GMC Trucks and CK Pickups

Low-Cost Ways To Fix Common Control Head Problems In Chevy-GMC Trucks and C/K Pickups. 

The control head will regain all its functions if the repair is done correctly. So far, in all of my experiences, this is a permanent fix ; a new control head was not needed.  Keep this article handy; you never know when you’ll need it.

This article covers two of the most common A/C repairs
needed on some very popular Chevy and GMC trucks:
  1. Erratic or no airflow through the vents

          In the A/C mode, vent airflow is often erratic in 1996-99
         GM Suburbans, Tahoes, Yukons and the 1996-98 line of
         Chevrolet and GMC C/K Pickups.

     2.   compressor that is reluctant to turn off.

In the years and models above, the A/C compressor will not
           turn off. In addition, you’ll find it happening to the 1995
           Chevrolet and GMC C/K trucks.

Written by Ignacio Corella.  Published by Cool Profit$ Magazine
See attachment area below for complete .PDF file of this article.

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