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There were 25 questions found in this category:
  1. What is Superheat?
    ACProf  was kind enough to explain the meaning of Superheat for us.  The following text originated from the A/C forum.  The original me...

  2. What Oil to use on O-rings?
    When replacing A/C system O-rings, it's always recommended to lubricate all O-rings with clean 525 viscosity mineral oil.  Oil on ...

  3. What's the Function of the Evaporator?
    The evaporator provides several functions. Its primary duty is to remove heat from the inside of your vehicle. A secondary benefit is dehumidificati...

  4. Which Oil to Use with R-134a?
    Question:  With so many oils available, which one should I use?  Is there a good universal oil? You should use the oil that matches the rec...

  5. Will I Gain by Wrapping my Lines and Hoses in Foam?
    Many people think that you can improve performance by insulating cold refrigerant lines from engine heat. Some design engineers may even use insulatio...

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