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  1. 1997 and Later Chevrolet Malibu - Intermittent Cooling, Blinking Recirculate Button
    If you experience intermittent cooling on a 1997 -1999 Chevrolet Malibu coupled with a blinking recirculation button after approximately forty-five mi...

  2. Basic Charging Procedures
    REFRIGERANT CHARGING PROCEDURE IN AUTOMOTIVE A/C SYSTEMS We recommend reading this procedure completely before charging. You may need informati...

  3. Control Head Problems In 1995 through 1999 Chevy-GMC Trucks and CK Pickups
    Low-Cost Ways To Fix Common Control Head Problems In Chevy-GMC Trucks and C/K Pickups.  The control head will regain all its functions if the rep...

  4. Decreased Cooling Could Mean A Faulty Refrigerant Control Valve
    Decreased Cooling In GM And VW Cars And Trucks Could Mean A
    Faulty Refrigerant Control Valve, Not A Failed Compressor.

  5. No Power to Compressor on 1997 and Later Escort and Tracer
    For reasons yet unknown, we've been seeing 1997 and later Ford Escorts and Mercury Tracers coming in with electrically dead A/C compressors.  You...

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