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There were 4 questions found in this category:
  1. Air Powered A/C Vacuum Pumps
    Question:  Can I use an air powered vacuum pump instead of the more expensive electric vacuum pump? What's the difference. The simple answer is y...

  2. Micron Rating of a Vacuum Pump
    Question: What's the story with the Micron rating of a vacuum pump? I'm assuming that smaller is better, but what does it mean as far as practical app...

  3. What Size Vacuum Pump Should I Buy?
    Question: What size vacuum pump should I buy. Is 1.5 CFM enough, or should I spend the extra money for a 6 CFM vacuum pump. You'll notice quite a wide...

  4. Which Electronic Refrigerant Leak Detector to Buy?
    For the most part, there are just two types of electronic leak detectors. There are those that use a heated diode, and those that rely on corona di...

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