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  1. Aftermarket Evaporators
    Pay close attention when selecting and replacing evaporator cores. Sadly, many of the after market evaporators we see do not provide the same fit as t...

  2. Leak Testing with Nitrogen
    Other Methods of Leak Detection The subject of leak detection would not be complete without discussing the benefits of nitrogen testing. Below yo...

  3. Location and Replacement of Cabin Air Filters
    Question:  We have reduced airflow in some blower modes in our 2001 Saturn LS.  We have been told this is the result of a clogged ...

  4. Refrigerant Capacites for Cars and Light Trucks
    Question: Where can I find automotive refrigerant capacities listed online? Here are a few online sources I think everyone will find u...

  5. Removing Stuck or Damaged Orifice Tubes
    Removing an orifice tube is normally an easy task.  A nice gentle twisting pulling motion usually does the trick.  You can purchase or rent ...

  6. Use the Correct Switch Port O-Ring
     Here's a simple tip for anyone who's ever installed an accumulator.
    Under that cycling clutch switch sits a little O-ring.  You figure t...

  7. What Oil to use on O-rings?
    When replacing A/C system O-rings, it's always recommended to lubricate all O-rings with clean 525 viscosity mineral oil.  Oil on ...

  8. Which Oil to Use with R-134a?
    Question:  With so many oils available, which one should I use?  Is there a good universal oil? You should use the oil that matches the rec...

  9. Will I Gain by Wrapping my Lines and Hoses in Foam?
    Many people think that you can improve performance by insulating cold refrigerant lines from engine heat. Some design engineers may even use insulatio...

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