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Low Side Charge Port on 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Question:  Where is the low side charge port on a 1996 Jeep
Grand Cherokee? Sure can't find the one on my vehicle!

Answer:  There is a small aluminum line that runs along the passenger side of the fender.  The low side port should be on that line, right below the passenger side hood hood hinge.

At first glance, the low side service port on this 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee looks like it should be a high side port.

We hear people describe the high and low side in very simple terms. The big hose is low side and the small hose is high side. High side (discharge) hoses and lines are usually smaller because when gas is compressed it doesn't need such a large diameter hose to travel through. When you look at an A/C system it's just typical that small diameter hoses and lines are high pressure. That's exactly what's confusing quite a few people when looking to add refrigerant to the Jeep Cherokee . What you see under the hood is contrary to what you would normally expect. The low side service port is located right on that small diameter liquid line. Even with that blue cap registering in the brain as low side,  it's easy to see why so many technicians are apprehensive. 

To understand why this is the low side, we need to think about the split in the system.  The split is where the change from high pressure to low pressure takes place.  Without the change of state that occur at the split, we wouldn't have refrigeration.  On this model, that split occurs at the orifice tube.  Since the service port appears after the orifice tube, that section of line is really part of the low pressure side. If you remove the liquid line going into the evaporator, you will find no orifice tube. Instead, it's located closer to the front of the vehicle.  

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